Birth Injury Today

What You Need To Know About Us

We are dedicated to attaining verdicts and settlements that will help our customers restore shattered lives after terrible events. We understand the results of individual tragedy, and feel sorry for the economic after-effects, aggravation, confusion, worry and anger of people who experience individual losses. We reveal this understanding and understanding in every element of our professional and legal services, and value the chance to share in part of our clients' journeys to live dignified, quality lives.

At our firm, we put our focus on plaintiff contingency fee civil cases, with an extra focus on cases involving medical and legal malpractice. We likewise supply our services to cases including wrongful death, the abuse of seniors, and complicated personal injury cases.

Our legal group happily counts the following individuals among our customers:

  • Kids who were injured either throughout birth or soon after.
  • Adults who suffered extreme trauma from their health service provider.
  • Those seriously hurt in devastating vehicle accidents.
  • The victims of negligently produced or developed items.
  • People damaged by the actions of negligent attorneys.


We know that there are a lot of alternatives when it comes to choosing your law office-- and your option will have a significant effect on the result of your case. That is why we encourage you to take your time getting to know the team at Bostwick & Peterson. We are acknowledged attorneys whose case results testify to the strength, creativity, and dedication to our law practice.

To get more information about how our company is all set to assist you, call us for a totally free initial assessment.